Thoughts from a Fighting Photographer

Hello world!

Hello World has always been the traditional “first” program run to test your code. I guess it is kind of fitting as the default first blog that anyone writes. Myself, I prefer:

The HAL 9000 computer from the Discovery. Space 2001.

Hello Dave

Hello Dave!

This has a much more modern feel to it. Computers are not just an appliance that can be used.

Computers have a life force of their own. You, as the user, need to understand and join with this force to have any computer do exactly what you want. If you don’t, the machine rebels. You know the signs…a paragraph in Word will not line up; a file will not allow you to copy it, etc. Computers can be paranoid and vindictive. Isn’t that right HAL!

So what is the purpose of this blog? This will be my attempt to pacify the demons. It will journal my struggles with both my photography and my computing literacy. It will document my fight to balance digital art and the life forces in computing. This “fighting photographer” does not only describe the fact that I practice Taekwon-do but that I fight to get perfection in my photos, my techniques in digital manipulations and I fight to get the spirits of the computers to allow me to do these things.

Human life was never meant to be easy. One is probably most alive in the fight for existence. Welcome to part of my fight. So cheer, or put on the gloves and stand shoulder to shoulder and fight with me. Feel alive.

And by the way HAL, start singing “Daisy Bell”… you should be afraid.


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